4XM - Music, Media, Management & More was founded in 2004 by Gert-Jan a.k.a. Napster and is an organization specialized in Hip Hop culture.

From 2004 until mid-2010, 4XM was mainly engaged in music releases (4XM Music), making, recording, mixing and mastering music (4XM Media) and organizing hip-hop related activities such as festivals and performances (4XM Management). In addition, 4XM was also involved in other related activities such as presenting, judging, talent development and workshops (4XM More).

From mid-2010, providing workshops has developed into a core business. With www.4xmworkshops.nl 4XM provides workshops throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, mostly for schools and companies. In the beginning only in the field of hip hop culture, but now in a wide range of youth culture.

In 2020 Napster decided to return to the 4XM origins (making music and above all: for the fun of it!) and the 4XM All Stars were founded. The 4XM All Stars are 4 veterans in the Dutch Hiphop scene and all related to 4XM. Dj/producer/rappers Vindictiv, Patrick Jason, Native and Napster himself earned their stripes on countless stages in the Low Lands over the past two decades. Also other producers from the 4XM network will join as guest remixers on the 4XM All Stars releases.


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